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Every issue of Mudders Magazine will include:
  • Ride and Event Coverage
  • Product Reviews and Testing
  • Extreme ATVs
  • The Mud Hole
  • Advertisement

If you have an idea or a feature that you would like us to cover please use the "Contact Us" page and send us your info. Mudders Magazine is for Mud Riders by Mud Riders.

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Issue 34

Memorial Day Mud Run

Welcome to the home of MuddersMag. A Magazine For Mud Riders By Mud Riders. MuddersMag is dedicated to the sport we call Mud Riding. Subscribe and join the many subscribers reading about new products and unique mud ATVs that makes up our sport. Browse our action shots to see behind the scenes photos and some of our readers mudding machines. Welcome and enjoy 

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WARNING: Much of the action depicted in our magazine and webpage is potentially dangerous. Virtually all of the riders seen in our photos are experienced experts or professionals. Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts that are beyond your own capabilities. Always wear the appropriate safety gear. Mudders Magazine does not recommend riding ATV's without a helmet.

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